Guide - How to Capture Audio, Sound Recording, Change Voice

AoA Audio Extractor Platinum is able to record your voice or any sound from microphone, CD/DVD player and almost any Windows application, including Winamp, Real Player, Windows Media Player and any line-in devices available with your sound card.

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Key Features:

Record what is playing right now
It doesn't matter where it's coming from! Record it now, then listen later on your PC, portable mp3 player or your car's audio system.

Record voice - memos, interviews, audio books & more
Quickly and easily record any form of voice message, singing, or even an audio story for your children.

Change Voice
In real time, change your voice to female or male.

Convert tapes and records into digital audio files
Have you been putting off this task for years? If you have a collection of tapes or LPs, Audio Record Wizard can convert them into digital audio files. You won't believe how easy it is!

Supports Windows Vista and Windows 7


Click on the "Sound Recording" button.

voice recording, voice recorder


If you don't know about the audio device or the inputs, click here to get the details.

1. Select a recording device to input your audio. For example, I want to record a talking to my friend Ammy, I select "Microphone".

2. Choose an output format. AoA Audio Extractor Platinum allows you to output the audio file as MP3 or WAV.

You can change your voice in real time by dragging the slider.

3. Specify the directory and the name of the output audio file and then click "Start Recording".

change voice, sound recorder


Now begine talking into your microphone. When done, click "Stop" or "Pause" button.

capture audio

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