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Sound Recording: Some information and tips before you start.

In order to record the correct things, you need to tell the product which device and input you would like to record. You may need to take some time to familiarize yourself with your audio harware. At least, you need to know the name.

1. Audio Device. Your sound card or audio driver. If there are two audio devices or drivers in your computer, you'll find two items in this list.

2. Inputs: I have selected the audio device "SoundMax Digital Audio". It provides 4 recording inputs. Note these inputs names are defined by the manufactures. Different sound card may have differents input names.

- If you would like to record from a microphone, select "Microphone".

- Record from external audio sources (turntable, tape player) select "Line-In".

- Record from CD player , select "CD Player".

- If you would like to record what is playing (winamp, window media player...), select Wave Out Mix.

3. Speaks, Microphone, earphone or headphone settings.

Select the default speaker or microphone (If there are multiple speakers or microphnes in your system).





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