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Frequently Asked Questions - AoA iPod/iPad/iPhone to Computer Transfer

I'm getting this error message something like " Field passed is not a marshalled member ..." or "%1 is not a valid win 32 aplication". How to fix it?

  Please test this small demo program ( and see if it works on your computer.

Please connect your iPod to your computer -> Unzip -> Right click on the file "iPodTest.exe" -> Run as Administrator -> click the button "Click here to Test" -> Please check if the media tracks on your iPod are listed successfully in this demo program.

Be sure to unzip the package onto a folder on your hard drive. Do NOT run "iPodTest.exe" from the zip file directly.

Restart AoA iPod Transfer and then see if it works.

2. Why my iPod is not recognized in AoA iPod Transfer?

1) Open iTunes, have your iPod/iPhone recognized by iTunes. And then, restart AoA iPod Transfer to see if that makes any difference.

2) If it's still doesn't work, try the solution for Question 1.

3) If there is a file "sqlite3.dll" in the program folder (c:\program files\aoa ipod transfer), delete it and see if that makes any difference.

4) If you have an iPod (nano, shuffle, mini or iPod classic ) Check that the iPod is in "disk use" mode. After completing the steps, simply restarting AoA iPod Transfer should resolve the issue.

If you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, please try restarting both iTunes and AoA iPod Transfer to resolve the problem.

5) Make sure your iPod/iPhone is connected to your computer. Or try connecting it to a different USB port, preferably a port that is built-in to the computer instead of an external USB hub. And if there are too many of these kinds of devices connected to your computer, iPod may not be recognized.

3. Do I need to have iTunes to run AoA iPod Transfer?
  Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer (download iTunes). If you have a new iPod/iPhone or your iPod/iPhone has just been restored, it may not have the required files for AoA iPod Transfer to know the drive is an iPod. Please run iTunes on the first time you plug the iPod into your computer, which will correctly initialize your iPod with all the required files. After then, you don't need to start iTunes each time while using AoA iPod Transfer.
4. I got the error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)" or "To run this application you must first download one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: v2.0.50727". Why?
  AoA iPod Transfer needs the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework or above to work correctly. Download it.
5. Which iPods does AoA iPod Transfer support?
  We support all iPod, iPad and iPhone.
6. AoA iPod Transfer freezes when I try to import songs. What is the problem?
  Usually this issue can be resolved by making sure iTunes is open and running, and that the only window iTunes has open is the main window. Make sure the preferences window is closed and that iTunes is displaying no warnings concerning your attached iPod.
7. There are 50 songs in my iPod. But in AoA iPod Transfer, only 40 songs are listed. Where are the rest?
  Do you have any purchased M4P files in your iPod? If yes, AoA iPod Transfer will not show these M4P files since they are protected by the license of Apple and not allowed to be moved to your computer.
8. I get the error "System.IO.IOException: The parameter is incorrect". Why?
  Perhaps there is something wrong with your iPod. Please do a disk check. Right click on the iPod (in My Computer), select Properties > Tools > Error Checking. Check both auto fix errors and scan for bad sectors.
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