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AoA DVD Ripper

PC Magazine
- Editor Lance Ulanoff

As an experiment, I started looking for easy ways to get a purchased DVD movie onto an iPod (and by extension, the iPhone). There are dozens of programs out there, but many are too hard to use or will leave the average consumer scratching his head... I found AoAMedia.com's aptly named DVD Ripper. It has an spectacularly easy three-step interface and numerous output options, including AppleTV and iPod... Full Article

CNET Editorial Reviews - AoA is A-OK

AoA DVD Ripper sports an interface simple enough to use without consulting the Help file and powerful enough to batch rip DVDs and convert them for portable devices all in one fell swoop. It can also rip specific and user-defined scenes from movies, making it eminently useful in grabbing a particular scene for further study or enjoyment.

The spreadsheet layout is complemented not by tabs, as is the current style, but by helpful numbered buttons and steps. Export formats include the basics like AVI, WMV, and MPEG, as well as FLV, MP4, VCD, and SVCD. You can also use it to extract audio tracks, great for grabbing those memorable quotes. The audio codec used is user-determined, as is the video codec, giving the solid program a bit of a boost in the customization department. You can also set the aspect ratio and tweak other settings if need be.

Users have noted that their customer service has been quick and responsive in the past, and that the registration code works for at least several upgrades--if not longer. All of this makes AoA a highly recommended DVD ripper. Hopefully future editions will support the nascent Blu-ray and AoA will make it to the next generation of movie lovers.

Best of the DVD ripping programs

... looking for ease of use, variety of options, and quality of exported .AVI. Of these four, we found that AOA Media's DVD Ripper was superior to the other three we tried... (Full Article)

Tony D, US
1.File Compression/Size. Your software by far had the best compression.
2.Quality. I can see no difference in the quality between the original DVD and the one that your software made.
3.UI. By far the easiest layout and the easiest to figure out how to use.

Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system.

Goran C, US
I'm trying out your dvd converter on one of our own projects - it seems to be doing quite well comparing to other tools I've tried - it's quick, I can exract the chapters, titles, audio and angle tracks I need which will then be encoded for the web take our tv show off of our dvr to manipulate and make menues.

Shane D, ZA
A while ago I purchased a copy of your DVD Ripper for my dad to use in his Powerpoint presentations. He's a minister and has just discovered technology... His videos are professional, he's very chuffed with his DVD Ripper - says it works perfectly everytime. Thank you very much.

Fox H
This program sports an easy to use interface with fast and reliable ripping. Now I can easily rip my movies into mpegs with ease. Great for home users since this is quite an easy program to use.

Gary U, UK
I have been looking for a way to use movie clips in my presentations and this software will hopefully do the trick.

Paul B, US
Ease of use. I was looking for something that would easily convert an english and French DVD in two seperate chapters... yours did it!!! Way to go!

Thomas C, Germany
Seems to have every facility to convert to DivX. I recently bought a portable mutimedia reocrder and need to get DVDs onto hard disk without too many pieces of software needed.

Robin Wexler, Canada
I evaluated 15 dvd rippers. Yours was the only one. Tony gave me an extremely prompt response when I pointed out two little flaws in the product. It was that level of support that finally sold me!

John Boen, France
Easy to use (no need to go hunting manually for IFO files!) for beginners, has all the configurability I need (AVI/DivX output, PAL, resolution height/width, chapter selectable, filename choice (now!) etc), quality output.

Mark Harno, US
AoA DVD Ripper converts DVD movies to any kind of file keeping same quality and takes up less room on hard drive. It allows me to watch movies in AVI format on a laptop that does not have a DVD-Rom drive - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

Bill Lottman, US
It works great and is worth every penny. I highly recommend your product to other students in the MBA program that I'm working on.

James Mjorlund, Norway
I need to encode my movie to mpeg4 for my Epson P-2000. It is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use dvd conversion software I have found.

Brain D, US
My kids keep scratching their DVD's; I want to back them up to hard drive with your program. AoA DVD Ripper worked abulously - smooth video using Directshow window.

Gisela, Portugal
I love the product. I use it legitimately in my business, retrieving DVDs of my own work, or editing client's work.

Roger M, Netherland
I would like to be able to copy video clips from home recordings onto my computer and i would also like to be able to copy a few movies i own onto my computer. Found it very easy to use.

Richard P, UK
I have a multimedia player and would like to explore its full capabilities. AoA DVD Ripper did what I needed.

Andrea G, Italy
I'm making my private own use music videos. Your dvd ripper is well organized, fast, and delievers quality.

Olivier D, Franc
I need to use it for multi-media presentations. The free trial worked out just great.

Ingrid N, Australia
I'd like to convert files for my pocket pc. I tried the demo model and it is better than most other dvd rippers I have tried.

Luis B. C, Spain
I tried several. This was the only one that sync'd the audio and video correctly.

Edward M, US
Having tried many of these products (including the ones cnet liked) this one actually works, and has many terrific features.

And the support staff is very friendly and helpful. you cannot find this on any other similar products.

Denise C, US
I operate a secretarial service including transcription. I recently had interviews on DVD and needed to create audio files for the transcripts. I purchased your AoA DVD Ripper software and it absolutely accomplished the job for me. Thanks!

Advanced X Video Converter

CNET Editorial Reviews
If you're looking for a nearly effortless way to convert, split, and join video clips among a variety of major formats, consider Advanced X Video Converter. The interface is simple, with a large status window and only a few buttons. You'll do most of your work through the Add Task icon, where you'll find options for converting, splitting, and joining video files; extracting audio; and turning video into images. In our tests, the program performed all its duties without a hitch. Advanced X Video Converter supports such popular formats as MPEG, WMV, AVI, DivX, and ASF. Due to its user-friendly interface, this program will probably appeal mostly to first-timers or novices.

Ronald G, US
I've been using the above for a number of months now and find it to be an excellent product. It is simple to use. It provides all the functions required. It works every time (which is very unusual for software). I have and will continue to recommend it to my associates in need of this type software. Excellent !!!!

Brian R, US
I have a dvd creation program-click to dvd for sony vaio comps that cannot use wmv format so this program is a lifesaver for me because my movie making software can only save in wmv format.

Marlon Nath, US
I'm making wedding video for friend, also need to convert file for business presentation. I made several test comparison's (oss, all converts, etc ) yours was the best!

Darrick Nielsen, Denmark
Perfect! It did just what it said it would. With a simple user interface that required NO learning process! All the different options for converting video, a friend of mine recommended the program.

Thorsten Heinrichs, Germany
Very easy to use and full range of options. I would like as one of the best video converters! As an amateur computer graphics artist and videographer I will recommend your program to anyone that needs a program of this type.

Joseph Holton, US
Easy to use and supports many file types, I find it to be a fast easy to use video conversion tool which not only supports most video file types,but has all the options the advanced user could want as well.

Sergio Henze, Canada
I tried 8 different video converters trial downloads. You product had the best interface, but more importantly, gave
quality and predictable results.

Steve Pestell, UK
I need to convert 3Ds AVI files to mpgs for students DVDs. Your video converter seems fantastic to work with.

Janusz L, Porland
The Possibility of conversion of files Real Medias and DVD, friendly interface, easiness of service, lack of needless options. Programme converts files quickly and exactly; converting be satisfied from possibility of change of size painting and speed. The additions would add to correcting the quality of painting.

Henry Long, HK
It is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use video conversion software I have found.

Naomi Cass, Australia
Nice program, great for converting windows movie maker files to svcd.

Stephan Magnenat, Switzerland
It does not only converted files other converters failed to convert, but also converts much faster than other programs when you feed them files their delicate digestion can handle.

Thomas Gillow, US
I created my blog and I want to use video file on my blog. Great evaluation program that did exactly what it said on the tin.

Delvaux, Denmark
I was looking for a video converter and a video joiner, came across this one, read some about it, tried it, and liked it.

Mario Eidner, Germany
Help manage family video. It converted files other "leading" converters could not. Unfortunately for me I had alrealdy bought the "leading" converting software a few months back.So far it converted everything I threw at it. I hope this continues.

Fabrizio Diciatteo, Italy
Need to convert .MOV files to import into Powerpoint. Our IT department recommended your video converter.

Good features, efficient and straight forward to use

About 40-45 seconds to convert from 400+mb AVI to 4-5mb MPEG 1 format. Considering it would take me about 3+ hours to upload a single 400+mb AVI file to a web hosting site, this is exactly what I need. I have 9 clips I am experimenting video software on so that's upwards of 30 hours to upload LOL. With this conversion (nine clips took about 7 minutes to convert) and after splicing all the clips together and adding transisiton, title, credits etc... the upload became 42.63 MB and took about 24 minutes. YAY!! Also does more than I need by allowing you to extract audio or video only when converting. Those are cool features.

Image quality was good. Taking it from 400mb to about 5mb what to expect? Full screen (19" TFT)in WMP shows fuzzy edges in MPEG 1 format for sure but still a good watchable quality. So IM(NOOB)0 I think for 10% the file size after conversion that's quite good.

Not having done any hands on work with video and only some basic stuff with pics, I found the interface easy to figure out after staring at it for a couple seconds.

The trial version lets you do everything for 25 days so you can check out all the features which beats the heck out of trials that limit features. The clockwise full screen slow uncovering watermark takes 8 seconds to complete and starts 3 seconds in on every clip you convert. But it would not appear after registration.

If I end up buying something this is definitely a top candidate for ease of use, efficiency and good features.


Mark, US
I was asked to make a backup copy of a DVD that was in some rather odd format, (possibly European?) and several products could not even recognize the DVD, let alone read it. Even windows xp would not see it as a legitimize DVD. But DVD-copy read it no problem at all! thank you!

This dvd copy is probably currently the best of its kind on the market. It is simplistic, reliable and has many features.Great price for quality!

Jim, UK
Happy Customer
I just purchased AoA DVD copy after trying it out and I'm impressed. It's simple and efective. I previously used Nero, a far more complicated and restrictive piece of software, Nero is now being removed from my hard drive
to be used no more.

Jeff, US
Your product is indeed a GREAT one and I WILL BE purchasing it now that I have seen it work. Your customer service response
time and thorough walk through step suggestions offered in your response show that your service is unrivaled by your competitors and I thank you.

Dick - Lake Elsinore California
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a wonderful product. I have used it many, many times and each time I use, I find it totally unbelieveable how quick it is to use, how easy it is to record movies, and your
technical support staff was "Johnny on the Spot" with an issue I had once, but, you guys came to the rescue.
Thank you for making copies of DVD's so easy and affordable. $39.95? Absolutely a terrifc price for an even more terrific product. Kudo's to you and your staff from a very, very happy customer. I am going to
spread the word amongst my friends......keep up the gret job!!!!!

the best among all.
Most reliable

Eldon M, US
Absolutely fantastic! So easy to use, no previous experience necessary. I am not able to back up all my videos. Many of them have been transferred from old movies to VHS then to DVD. Once again, thanks you for providing an opportunity to trial the software before buying. The service to me was excellent.

Monty G, US
Ain't it a shame that other companies don't have customer service like you all do?! I've never seen anything like it! WOW! :)

Charlie F, US
This product is the easiest and fastest way to backup your DVD library to other DVD's or just to your hard drive. You can select the entire DVD or just the main movie with the corresponding language and subtitles!!! It makes it so easy, my 7 year old son could copy his "Madagascar" DVD to the hard drive!!!

The customer support team are extremely helpful, timely, and courteous as they helped me out of a jam with licensing in less than 24 hours!!! Great customer service does exist and AoA Media has one of the best. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Eric B, US
I'm not very computer literate in this category of copying DVD's and this program is very easy to use. I copied a few DVDs and it took about 35 minutes from start to finish for each DVD. I played them on my new HP computer that has the newest DVD+/-R and also in our DVD player in the family room (which is very tempermental) and they work there too. I'm very impressed and will definitely be buying this software.

Wendell M, US
I've always wanted a program to back up my DVDs, and this proved to be a simple yet effective program.

Does exactly what it says with a decent trial, not like others 10 mins/50% etc.
Rip and burn in three clicks. A monkey could do it. Full marks!!!

Scott K, US
Just wanted to say thank you for the refund on the accidental purchases that I made. It's nice to know that there are still some honest businesses online. Will highly recommend this site to others, and would purchase anything from this company again. Thanks again.

Allen D, Canada
Really good price comparing to other DVD software which do the same thing.

Carsten E, Denmark
Have been a registered user for a while. From all the DVD copy software I tried, this is the only one that did not give me trouble using the DVD copy on my dvd player.

Svein B, Norway
Ease of use, great UI, price. Much better than the competition on these considerations.

Robert K, UK
I need to back-up all my DVDs since my roommate scratches them all up. The trial version was excellent. Quick and quality produce.

Gilberto N, Mexico
Need a better way to organize my DVD home videos. Nero is not good. Tried to be simple. Ended up being frustrating.





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