DVD Conversion Software, Rip and convert DVDs to AVI MP4 WMV video

A fast and easy way to rip and convert your DVDs to play on the web, your computer or your portable devices without disc, anytime, anywhere!

It copies in high quality AVI (DivX, XviD...), MPEG, MP4, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Mobile, WMV, Zune, 3GP (Cell Phone), PSP and Flash Video (*.flv) formats.

AoA DVD RIPPER makes it simple to rip any parts of a DVD that you want. It also extracts audio tracks from all kinds of DVD discs and save them as WAV.

Have problems with watching DVD movies on your mobile phone and other digital devices as compatibility issues? AoA DVD RIPPER not only helps you rip DVD movies, but converts them to various formats, so that you can take your DVD movies on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on your computer, laptop, iPod, PSP or the following pocket devices on vacation, at work or at school, no need to take DVD discs!

For Playback on the Computer DVD to AVI/DivX (High quality & less room)
Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad / Apple TV DVD to MP4
Android Mobile / Pad
Kindle Fire (DVD to Kindle Guide)
Windows Smartphone
SamSung Galaxy Tab
Sony PS3 DVD to WMV
Microsoft Zune
Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Creative Zen Vision (and Vision M)
XBOX 360
Video Cell / Mobile Phone DVD to 3GP
Web Video / Flash Video DVD to FLV
Extract Audio or Audio Clip DVD to WAV
Back up into a VCD DVD to VCD (How to? )

AoA DVD Ripper is an all-in-one solution to your music and video needs. There's no need to buy or learn to use more than one multimedia computer program for various devices.


3 DVD Copy Modes

It can be used to copy any portion of a DVD or the entire DVD content.

Entire Movie - Copy the entire DVD movie!  
Movie Clip - Extract the selected clip or scene from a DVD (How to? ).
Chapters - Copy just the selected chapters of a DVD.

Output Various Popular Formats

You don't need to be an expert to get the quality you want as it also provides many well-configured quality presets (frame rate, audio channel, sample rate, etc.) for every output format to meet your professional or casual needs.

Convert DVD to AVI (DivX, XviD...). The DVD copied and compressed by DivX or XviD is of high quality and takes up less room on hard drive.
Convert DVD to WMV .
Convert DVD to PSP
.Convert DVD to MP4
Convert DVD to Flash (DVD to FLV) so that you can deliver movies over the Internet.
Convert DVD to 3GP (Cell Phone) .
Convert DVD to WAV - Extract audio tracks from DVD movies .

Secure your DVD collection.

Incredible Output Quality & Extremely Fast Copy Speed

Batch Conversion

If you have a collection of IFO files to copy, you can transform them quickly in batch mode.

More Easy Settings You Can Customize...

  • Specify different output format for each task.
  • Rename output movie title.
  • For multilanguage DVD discs, you can specify the ripping settings of both audio and subtitle in different languages.
  • Make the output size fit in a 74-Minute/80-Minute CD.
  • Play back while ripping, so that you can see which part of the movie is being processed.
  • Disable audio/subtitle.
    Synchronize video and audio - no skipped or lost frames during conversion.
    Deinterlace the video for better view.
  • Automatically shut down the computer when done.

Money Saving Bundles

Recommended by the editor of PC Magazine

Your dvd ripper has all the configurability I need (AVI output, PAL, resolution height/width, chapter selectable, filename choice etc), quality output.. 

CNET Editorial Reviews - AoA is A-OK

Quick Start (video)

  Extract clips or chapters
DVD to Kindle Fire
  DVD to WAV/MP3
  DVD to iPod/iPad/iPhone
  DVD to FLV
  DVD to Zune
  DVD to Youtube
  DVD to 3GP
  DVD to PSP
  DVD to WMV
  Make Output Size Fit In CD

What Other Peopel Say

Copy and burn DVD movies on DVDR/RW discs for playing back on DVD player.


Won Tucows' 5 Cow Award


+ DVD Ripper + Video Converter +
Audio Extractor
+ DVD Creator
US$ 184.80 $92.8 50% OFF!


+ DVD Ripper The complete solution for DVD movie backup.
US$ 79.90 $58.9 26% OFF!


PC Magazine
- Editor Lance Ulanoff

As an experiment, I started looking for easy ways to get a purchased DVD movie onto an iPod (and by extension, the iPhone). There are dozens of programs out there, but many are too hard to use or will leave the average consumer scratching his head... I found AoAMedia.com's aptly named DVD Ripper. It has an spectacularly easy three-step interface and numerous output options, including AppleTV and iPod... Full Article

CNET Editorial Reviews - AoA is A-OK

AoA DVD Ripper sports an interface simple enough to use without consulting the Help file and powerful enough to batch rip DVDs and convert them for portable devices all in one fell swoop. It can also rip specific and user-defined scenes from movies, making it eminently useful in grabbing a particular scene for further study or enjoyment.

The spreadsheet layout is complemented not by tabs, as is the current style, but by helpful numbered buttons and steps. Export formats include the basics like AVI, WMV, and MPEG, as well as FLV, MP4, VCD, and SVCD. You can also use it to extract audio tracks, great for grabbing those memorable quotes. The audio codec used is user-determined, as is the video codec, giving the solid program a bit of a boost in the customization department. You can also set the aspect ratio and tweak other settings if need be.

Users have noted that their customer service has been quick and responsive in the past, and that the registration code works for at least several upgrades--if not longer. All of this makes AoA a highly recommended DVD ripper. Hopefully future editions will support the nascent Blu-ray and AoA will make it to the next generation of movie lovers.

Best of the DVD ripping programs

... looking for ease of use, variety of options, and quality of exported .AVI. Of these four, we found that AOA Media's DVD Ripper was superior to the other three we tried... (Full Article)

Tony D, US
1.File Compression/Size. Your software by far had the best compression.
2.Quality. I can see no difference in the quality between the original DVD and the one that your software made.
3.UI. By far the easiest layout and the easiest to figure out how to use.

Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system.

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